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About Us

AMITAL NADLAN Is A Romanian real estate company owned by Amit Mey- tal and Tal Shahar.

We believe in the business opportunities in Bucharest. We love, dream, and breathe real estate and this fascinating city!

AMITAL NADLAN specializes in locating private and commercial real estate opportunities. We provide our Israeli clients with a perfect, personal, and highly professional service!

We will take care of everything you need for your property: finding the best deal for you, performing all legal inspections, managing your asset, providing the furniture and fittings needed for rent, and taking care of all rental procedure.

Your success is also ours!

AMITAL NADLAN – doing business for you!

Our Services:

  • Buying, selling, and marketing real estate projects in Bucharest, Romania

  • Buying and selling second-hand apartments

  • Property management, furniture, and fittings

  • Long-term rental services and Airbnb

  • Consulting and legal support by an Israeli and Romanian attorney, appraisal, and architectural services upon request

  • Organization of purchase groups with preferential terms!


Contact Information & Opening Hours:

AMIT MEY TAL | President

Phone +972547376866
Address bucharest city, sector 1 Witting street no. 5 floor 1 ap. 9

Activity Time

Sunday – Thursday

    17:00 – 08:00

    Friday – Saturday



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