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Assaf Rozov has been playing guitar since the age of 15 and preformed all over israel.

He played and sang in the heavy band Leviticus, Preformed with Canadian bluesman Ted Cooper, and harmonica player and composer Dov Hamer.

In 1993 he sang and performed with the reggae band Kaya with Yankala Segal and Ilan Kachaka two of the top israeli session musicians.

At 1995 founded the ‘DAILY BLUES’, an original band accompanied the American blues singer – King Ernest Recorded the original album ‘Misplaced’ and performed in New York, Appeared in 2003-2006 at the Rochester jazz festival solo performance, and with blues trio Playing alongside artists such as Al dimieola, Chick corea, David sandborn, Dereck trucks and more.

Recorded with Miki Gabrielov, Adi Rennert and Yitzchak Klepter, Kafir Tsari, Grovatron, Cnesiat-Hasecel’, Uri Miles.

In the last decade, Assaf recorded with the musician (partner) Nomi Bar ‘Fun to sing with Nomi and Assaf ‘Kef Lashir’– songs for the whole family (listen on YouTube).

Connection – an original project – Reggae, Blues and country.

2019 Assaf produced the Blues and Banjo Festival, at Mike’s Place in Herzliya.

Recently he performed with The blues rebels – / Assaf rozov & the Untouchables / and the All Strars.

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Assaf Rozov perform country and blues


solo /duo/  trio

electric band

in any event, happening, occasion or celebration

Assaf leads & instructs musical workshops for youth and private events

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Assaf Rozov | Guitar Player

Phone 0542183935

Assaf Rozov Guitar Player


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