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A business platform for women

About Us

Yakov Biz Bayit is a one-of-a-kind frum women’s network, built on the values and legacy of Jewish women prophets and the three fundamental women’s mitzvos, ner, challah,  family purity laws and traditions , that shape our humble, modest, and pure path in women’s business life.

Yakov Biz Bayit is a platform that brings out BizNess sparks – unique innate talents – in every Jewish woman. Yakov Biz Bayit uses innovative tools based on the traditional needs of a Jewish home, the valuable and priceless role that a Jewish woman – a wife, mother, sister, daughter – is granted by the Torah.

Our nation came from our incredible powerful, wise, humble, and pure mothers: Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel, and Leah. When the whole Jewish nation is going through turbulent times, our chachamim tell us that the difficulties can be ameliorated by learning about the seven Jewish prophetesses: Sarah, Miriam, Avigail, Devorah, Channa, Esther Ha’Malkah, and Chuldah.

Yakov Biz Bayit is a true home for any Jewish woman’s unique talent that could be taken to any business level while accommodating for her family’s needs.

Yakov Biz Bayit helps you navigate the path to success. It is a platform for you to introduce your talents and skills.

Yakov Biz Bayit connects frum women throughout the world and enables each one of you to share, collaborate, promote, and thrive with your idea, skill, talent, or business of any kind: from grandma’s traditional recipes to unique services, from elegant modest clothing design to special dieting techniques, from art lessons to closet organizing, from custom budget events to high tech classes. It includes a job navigator, if needed, as well as seminars on Jewish women’ wisdom and on the kosher approach to business.

Being a member of Yakov Biz Bayit is key to a kosher professional path, based and built on the traditional role of Jewish women in the world!

Bruchim Ha’Baiim to Yakov Biz Bayit!

Our Services:

  • Formulating a business plan

  • Inter-company communication

  • Business consulting and guidance in multi-company collaboration

  • Professional business development workshops

Additional services:

  • Event planning within budgetary considerations

  • Marketing consulting for launching a new product

  • Outreach to and collaboration with relevant parties

  • Empowering workshops and Torah classes for women’s professional business development

Contact Information & Phone Response Hours

Yakov Biz Bayit – A business platform for women

Phone +972549727844
Email ludymnyc@gmail.com
Adress 2 Abraham Boyer St., Tel Aviv

Phone Response Hours

Sunday – Thursday

    08:00 – 16:00

Yakov Biz Bayit A business platform for women

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