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Alon Kloss, Brigadier General (Res), is the embodiment of the customer’s vision, and with his professional skills and experience, he excels in the operation of formulating and implementing the solutions provided by CANDO DRONES to its clients.

Alon Kloss holds the rank of Brigadier General (Res) in the IDF. In his most recent role, he served as the Chief Artillery Officer, and during his service of over three decades, he commanded, managed, and led operational projects and the development of resource-intensive capabilities (human resources, budget, infrastructure, technology), facing various challenges.

Alon is a systems engineer with a master’s degree.

About the company:

Cando Drones is an aviation company that establishes and manages autonomous drone systems.

We provide our customers a Turn-Key solution that includes the organization of the aerial space, regulation, characterization, choosing and integrating systems, ground logistics management, implementation, training, professional and technical guidance which allows the maximum utilization of capabilities with drones for a variety of needs.

ALON KLOSS Co- Founder, COO Cando Drones

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