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About Me

Nice to meet you. I am Yulia Katz, the Vice President of Strategy and CISO at Cando Drones.

Yulia holds an MBA and specializes in the fields of technological content – cybersecurity, defense methodologies, communication infrastructure, and computing.

After 24 years of service in the Israeli Air Force and the Prime Minister’s Office (part of the Israeli national cyber directorate from its inception), Yulia joined Cando Drones as the Vice President of Strategy. She is responsible for marketing, sales, and oversees communication infrastructure and cybersecurity.

About the company:

Cando Drones is an aviation company that establishes and manages autonomous drone systems.

We provide our customers a Turn-Key solution that includes the organization of the aerial space, regulation, characterization, choosing and integrating systems, ground logistics management, implementation, training, professional and technical guidance which allows the maximum utilization of capabilities with drones for a variety of needs.

Contact Information & Opening Hours:

Yulia Katz – VP Strategy, CISO | Cando Drones

Phone +972529246134
Office +972747028925
Address Derekh Pica 1 Pardes Hanna karkur

Yulia Katz VP Strategy, CISO Cando Drones

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