Natalie Harel-Yakov

Global Business Development Manager

DavidShield - International Private Medical Insurance

About Me

Experienced and passionate business development manager who partners with and ensures the long-term success of her international customers.

Responsible for developing long-term relationships with a portfolio of assigned international customers, connecting with key business executives and personnel abroad. 

The DavidShield Experience – A better kind of care for employees working and living abroad.

DavidShield is proud to have revolutionized the International Private Medical Insurance market by enabling its clients a free choice of providers anywhere worldwide.

Proud to serve Expats of the iGaming industry!

More About Us

By adding the DavidCard™ technology to the existing options for claims processing your employees have no need for interim financing or bureaucracy.

The DavidCard™ can be used at any provider where credit cards are accepted excluding certain countries.

The DavidCard™ may be used for outpatient treatments, medications, emergency room visits, in addition to other select services.

DavidShield’s customer service center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The service center employs multilingual representatives and is available internationally via WhatsApp, Chat and Facebook Messenger.

Your employees can contact the service center in order to locate a provider, obtain preapproval when needed, ask questions about your policy, and discuss claims you have filed, as well as consult a physician over the phone and receive support on all other matters you can encounter.

The DavidShield Experience:

We will work closely with you to personalize and adapt the policy to fit your Company’s specific needs.

A dedicated service representative, who is highly experienced in providing service for multinational Companies, is assigned to each corporate client.

Contact Information:

Natalie Harel-Yakov – Global Business Development Manager | DavidShield

Phone +972585050181
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Natalie Harel - Yakov Global Business Development Manager DavidShield International Private Medical Insurance

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