Efraim Berdichevsky

Plastics And Machinery Consultant

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Nice meeting you, I’m Efraim Berdichevsky.
As Polysack’s Engineering and Maintenance Manager for the past 40 years, I have managed the development, execution, and construction of many large-scale MDO multilayer machines.
In addition, over the years, I have advised our customers regarding the production methods and applications of our products in various products and machines. Today I advise and assist in the construction of new machinery and plant projects


  • Blown Film
  • MDO
  • Flexible packaging
  • applications
  • Sewing
  • winding net for agriculture

Contact Information & Opening Hours:

Efraim Berdichevsky | Plastics And Machinery Consultant

Phone 0524269787
Email efraimber1@outlook.co.il
Address Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak

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Sunday – Thursday

    19:00 – 07:00


  19:00 – 07:00


  19:00 – 07:00

Efraim Berdichevsky Plastics And Machinery Consultant

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