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For many years people with disabilities have been confined to their homes or living in institutions that do not enable them to enjoy the world and the enjoyable activities people without disabilities can experience.

For people with disabilities, going on trips or vacation is not only intended for their fun and to pass the time as they are for people without disabilities, but can often be an important part of the rehabilitation process.

The preparations required of a person with disabilities before going on a trip are very different than those required of people without disabilities. Technically, the person with a disability needs to have a much better understanding and acquaintance with the route and the technical limitations. In addition, going on a trip or a vacation is very significant since it is something to look forward to and promotes hope of integration and overcoming difficulties on the path to being a part of the community.

In 1998, Eli Meiri founded the “Israel 4 all” company, a tourism company, mostly of incoming tourism, for people with special needs.

Eli is a certified tour guide, travel agent and trip organizer and has guided hundreds of trips.

Eli is a social worker and has many years of experience working with people with physical and mental disabilities.

“Accessible Tourism” offers vacation and tourism trips in Israel and abroad, while paying close attention and consideration of the abilities and needs of every one of the people in the group.

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Eli Meiri – Accessible Tourism

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Eli Meiri Accessible Tourism Trips for people with disabilities

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