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Neuhaus Jewelry is one of the most famous and prestigious jewelry brands in the world, with luxurious boutiques in Spain, Russia, US, France & Israel.

Owned and managed by Mr. Gil Neuhaus, a well-known jewelry designer who has been creating jewelry for more than 20 years for the world’s most discerning clientele, and who counts dozens of Hollywood stars among his personal friends and customers.

All Neuhaus creations are handmade in a process that ensures that each masterpiece receives full attention and the personal touch. The high quality raw materials used in the designs are carefully handpicked around the world, enabling Neuhaus to grant its unique interpretation to each design.

The Neuhaus collection:

The Neuhaus collection can be divided into five categories; three families of jewelry, an accessories collection and the Neuart chocolate brand. The three jewelry families are: Fashion, Couture and Alta Gioeleria.

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Gil Neuhaus, owner Neuhaus Jewelry Ldt

Gil +972505555534
office +97236299962

Gil Neuhaus  Neuhaus Jewelry Ldt

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