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I AM FIT owned by Adam Malki, is the innovative and exclusive fitness facility for personal and / or group workouts.

The complex provides a wide variety of different goals and is achieved through advanced and varied training methods, accompanied by a team of senior and professional trainers and certified sports nutritionists.

The training is tailored according to goals and goals, needs, level of ability and limitations of the client.

  • Functional training
    GO – FLO, TRX, and resistance bands
  • Gymnastic Training
  • Boxing / Thai Training
  • Calistenics (Street-Work Out)
  • Preparatory training for recruits
  • Coaching cycles and cycles
  • Cross Pet Training
  • Strength and weight training (Body Building)
  • And more …

Monday – Friday

8:30 – 21:00

Saturday – Sunday


I AM FIT Functional Ninja Club

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