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Junes Jaffa Investment Ltd is Israel’s leading company in the field of locating, licensing, building and selling real estate compounds in Jaffa for residence and investment. Alongside, the company offers its customers with real estate opportunities throughout Israel and the world, as Istanbul and London.

The company’s founder, Junes Osrof, is a 3rd generation of real estate experts in Jaffa. In 1995 he decided to continue its grandfather Domer Osrof’s way that operated real estate and construction Company in Jaffa since 1891.

The company’s business approach aims for perfect synthesis between the practical aspect of the project from one hand (client’s needs, Israel’s licensing requirements and the client’s budget), and the unique designing interpretation she offers the project from the other hand.

Our Services:

The company cooperates with Israel’s leading experts:

1. Engineering planning and supervision: Balas Engineering.
2. Architectural planning and Interior Design: Gruberman Architectures.

Over the years the company had the privilege to successfully lead real estate projects in Jaffa for hundreds of satisfied clients from Israel and all around the world, like real estate entrepreneurs from France, Italy and the Middle East.

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Jones Osrof – Lawyer | CEO | Owner

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Jones Osrof - Lawyer CEO | Owner

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