Ariel Grupper

General Counsel

Green Fields

About Us

Welcome to Green Fields,
Where new and high standards are set through innovation and top quality genetics. We are the largest cannabis manufacturer in Israel, (and one of the largest and most innovative in the world). Green Fields invests vast resources in advanced technological solutions, strict regulatory control and an open door to diverse collaborations.

Our state of the art medical cannabis cultivating facility, produces high quality, consistent flowers.

Our culture of innovation and attention to detail enables us to meet the challenge of providing excellent cannabis based products to patients in need.

Our Services:

  • Genetics Services:
    Pheno’ Hunting
    Genetic Stabilization

  • Cultivation Facility:
    Post Harvest

  • Consulting Services:
    Preliminary market research
    Branding and pricing
    Post release marketing

  • Retail Branch:
    Marketing product for an end customer
    Sales events and launches

Contact Information:

Ariel Grupper – General Counsel | Green Fields

Phone +972547760053

Ariel Grupper Green Fields


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