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My name is Shahar Tal, Real Estate Appraiser at Keller Williams franchisee in the Tel Aviv branch in Israel.

I have been self-employed in real estate since 2004 and have just returned from Los Angeles straight to North Tel Aviv

I am married and raising 4 cute children in the Nofey Yam neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

I own 3 branches of real estate in Lamed, Ramat Aviv and Afeka neighborhoods.

I have 18 professional agents on my team who specialize in central and northern Tel Aviv.

Due to the situation over the past year, 2023 began with the reform in the Knesset, which affected the real estate market, and then the Bank Governor continued to raise the interest rate, which froze the transactions. Later in the year the war with Hamas broke out which caused the market to stop for two months.

We decided to think outside the box and to open a special department to deal with foreign residents who are interested in making aliyah due to the increasing anti-Semitism against Jews everywhere on the globe.

On the other hand, there is also an excellent opportunity for foreign residents to make a real estate transaction in Israel during this period: the dollar rose by at least 10% from last year, while at the same time home prices fell by 10% due to the war, creating a gap of at least 20% in price for those who were interested last year compared to this year. And this is a good opportunity for those who are looking for an apartment to have in the Holy Land.

The Department of Foreign Residents will work to help Jews who are interested in purchasing in Israel and will help them throughout the process of moving and acclimatizing to Israel from a real estate perspective. In addition, we are embarking on a delegation of 15 agents from the chain to an apartment fair in early March in Toronto, Canada, New Jersey, Long Island and New York.

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Tal Properties from Keller Williams – Consulting Marketing and sales of residential buildings

Phone +972526333135

Email shahar.t@kwisrael.com
3 Dov Hausner St. Tel Aviv
29 Hanoter St. Afka
13 Brodtsky St. Tel Aviv

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Tal Properties from Keller Williams

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