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About Us

Rebuild Lives was founded in 2020 with the understanding that there is a critical need for both an organization and operation that will answer the needs of desperate families.

Rebuild Lives offers aid in three essential areas: house renovations, appliances and furnishings, advice and guidance.

» Rebuild Lives provides families with basic solutions to their problems while strengthening the family in their communities.
» Rebuild Lives assists families regardless of their race, genders or cultural identities throughout the country.
» Rebuild Lives has as its mission and message- mutual self-help in Israeli society.

Our Services:

House Renovations
Many families cannot repair damaged fixtures nor do they have the ability to carry out necessary renovations.
A professional from our staff will assess the overall needs.
After we map out a renovation plan we gather together with the family to ensure them that their essentials will be met.
Both our professional staff and volunteers will work quickly to
accomplish a quality job for family.

Appliances and Furnishings
There are families who do not have the capacity to buy furnishings and home appliances. Moreover they cannot afford to pay for repairs. Our organization gathers furniture and equipment that is donated to us from all over Israel. We store the items in our warehouse in readiness for distribution to needy families.

Advice and Guidance
Many families need further advice on a variety of issues. Often, they will want to connect with other sources to enable them to get help. We sit with the candidates to fully grasp the situation and then determine what kind of assistance is appropriate for them. We then decide if our charity has the means to meet the family’s requirements. If indeed we do, we will provide the goods. We then draw on our updated pool of contacts and charities that aid families. We can help them to network as needed.

A Variety of Projects

Project Yael
Project Yael evolved after the loss of a dear friend  of our organization. She suffered greatly from Manic Depression. Today in Israel and in fact worldwide there can exist stigma and a need to mask emotional and psychiatric illnesses. There is often a lack of  awareness and accurate information in society. ” Project Yael ” is reaching out to create open discussions, to education and explain the nature of these disabilities. We will campaign throughout Israel in schools, at gatherings of  youth groups, work places and other public functions. We view this work as light that illuminates darkness. “Project Yael” has the potential to impact  a great many people.

Adopt a Rider
Embrace orphaned children by giving them six months to one year of horseback riding therapy. The empowerment that these kids can gain from learning to work with such a imposing animal while concentrating on various skills at once, can bring out a myriad of strengths; trust, emotional awareness, responsibility and a feeling of security. All instruction is given by accredited teachers who possess a passion for giving . Through this shared relationship we learn about the tools that the child posessess and often discover the complex relationaships that orphans experience in their family unit. Help for the child  is the goal. To date we are working with Dahara Ranch in the Jerusalem area. We are at this time negotiating with others to promote this amazing project. Aid us to harnass this therapy aand better these orphans’ lives!

A Basket of Food
In Israel there are thousands suffering from hunger. Noone is absolved from such a fate It can happen to one and all. In this year of Corona thousands of families have joined the number of needy  households. ” Rebuild Lives”  offers basic provisions as well as prepared meals for the underprivelaged . Our volunteers collect contributions and distribute the produce with compassion and dignity.

Message from the Founder:

“We are ready to roll up our sleeves and deal with the root of the problems in order to bring about a real change to families in despair. Sometimes what may seem like a simple problem may in fact be of singular importance!
We believe that we are here to fulfill a mission and which is to assist others and improve our world.”

Yehuda Kahan, Founder of “Rebuild Lives”

Contact Information:

Rebuild Lives (NGO)

Telephone 029703333
fax 029703334
Mobile 0584703335

Address Mei Merom 13 Beit El, Israel


    Sunday – Thursday

    09:00 – 18:00


    09:00 – 13:00



Rebuild lives Charity for Families

What Some Families are Saying

Want to brighten lives? To give hope to families? To improve a life? Interested in volunteering or donating? We invite you to join our family of contributors and volunteers. Click here for more information and we will respond.

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