Rabbi Refael Yoav Atia

Director of Yismach Yosef Torah and Charity Institutions

About Us

The Yismach Yosef organization was founded in 2005 by Rabbi Refael Yoav Atia and his wife Bat Sheva, to assist families experiencing difficulty managing their daily lives. The organization, with its team of volunteers,  does everything in its power to bring joy to these families, but “scraps do not satisfy a lion”.

We hope that with your help, we can bring light and hope to many more families.

Dear Friends!
As you know about the difficult war in Israel and the atrocities committed on October 7th
We work day and night as a full volunteer to help the families in and around the south. We had about 125,000 NIS that we raised for this operation, unfortunately the money has run out and it is a great regret that we are not able to continue helping the families of the Hello.
This is the time, dear brothers, to come and show unity and help in everything possible: with food, clothes, money and everything that can be given.
You can donate any amount you want – through unity with Israel he will win and we will be able to bring about the coming redemption soon in our day.

With blessings and with great respect, the founder of the association, Rabbi Raphael Yoav Atiya Shalita
The president of the association, Rabbi HaGaon, Rabbi Eliyahu Abergel, Shalita, Rabbi of Jerusalem, author of Shovat Devarim Eliyahu, 12 parts.

You can see a valid certificate of the association here»

You can make a donation in the ZELLE app
To the following number: 16462502478

Our Services:

  • Conducting marriage services

  • Examining and writing Mezuza Scrolls

  • Receiving the public

  • Consulting on Rabbinic Courts and Mediation

The Organization's Activities:

  • Distribution of food and vouchers all year round

  • Distribution of food before Jewish holidays

  • Distributing gifts to children in hospitals

  • Giving charity on the Purim holiday

  • Distribution of food on the Passover holiday

  • Assisting married Yeshiva students and Torah scholars

  • Assisting orphans to have weddings

  • Helping the elderly

    The “Lev LaNoar” Organization

  • Helping at-risk youth

  • Building a connection with those that have drifted away

  • Saving lives in serious cases

  • Donating to institutions and making a difference

Contact Information & Opening Hours:

 Rabbi Refael Yoav Atia – Director of Yismach Yosef Torah and Charity Institutions

Phone +972527474446
Office +97225667190
Fax +9727894042
Email yoav2411@walla.com
Overseas calls 16462502478
Address 6/4 Rabbi Yitzchak Nissim St., Jerusalem

Activity Time

   Sunday | Tuesday | Thursday

    9:00 – 13:00

   Monday | Wednesday

   13:00 – 17:00

Rabbi Refael Yoav Atia Director of Yismach Yosef Torah and Charity Institutions

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