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My name is Ruthie and I am a tour guide in Israel. My passion is showing people how beautiful and amazing my country is. There is no other place in the world so ancient and biblical, and yet so modern and innovative. A high-tech powerhouse with a historical twist, if you will.

A bit about myself: I was raised in Tel Aviv (where I still reside), with a three-year hiatus in France. I am fluent in Hebrew, English, French and Italian. As an adult, I resided in Rome for 8 years, which was a great experience as I am a lover of history and archeology.

As a tour guide, my job is to introduce you to historic sites and recount stories from the Bible, while also showing you Israel’s advanced industry and its vibrant cities. On our tour, we will meet the people who have tied their lives to this land. We will taste the country’s wonderful food and wine.

I offer a wide variety of tailor-made specialty tours: music-themed trips, special events (birthdays and Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips) and beloved specials such as Graffiti in the City, market tours, Bauhaus in Tel-Aviv and more.

I will be more than happy to organize your trip to Israel and be a part of your exciting journey. By foot, large private car or bus, we’ll have a great time.

Israel Tours:

My Tours:

  • Jerusalem
  • Nazarath & Galilee
  • Tel Aviv & Jaffa
  • Galilee & Golan
  • Massada & The Dead Sea
  • The Negev Desert
  • Judean hills & Wineries
  • Caesarea-Haifa-Acre

Event Trips:

  • Bar Mitzva
  • Birthdays
  • Jewish Holidays

Special Tours:

  • Buhaus in Tel Aviv
  • Market Tours
  • Musical Tours
  • Christian pilgrim trip

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Ruthie’s Travels | Experience Israel with LOVE

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24/7 By coordination

Ruthie's Travels Experience Israel with LOVE

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