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About us

We are a Tel Aviv based company, we speak the Tel Aviv language, think like Tel Aviv residents and understand where this wonderful city is headed…The areas we focused and specialized on went from being simple stones to polished diamonds… This is our vision and it has been the way we have been operating since October 1980. We plan to continue this way for many years to come.

The Yakoby Group Company, owned by the Yakoby family, of the Isra Home Real Estate Group, has been active for 40 years. The Yakoby Group is a veteran and experienced real estate company specializing in selling, buying and renting houses, lots and luxury real estate in the northern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv.

Our company offers personalized professional service, providing credible relevant information to our customers. Real estate transactions are often the biggest and most significant financial decisions a person makes. Therefore, it is crucial for the seller and the buyer to hire an experienced real estate advisor to make sure this transaction is carried out in the best possible manner.

At the Yakoby Group all of our advisors are trained professional real estate agents who will accompany you throughout the process: from the initial stage of looking for the right asset, making the decision, understanding the customer’s needs, examining the relevant alternatives, negotiating the deal and working with the customer until the transaction is completed in the best possible manner. In addition, an attorney on our behalf, specializing in residential real estate will advise and guide the customer until the transaction is signed.


Our specialty:

The Yakoby Group has been in the field of real estate for many years and its reputation is based on its many satisfied customers. We offer:

  • Information about the buyers’ history, including their financial ability.
  • Professional consulting throughout the entire process.
  • Filtering those who are just showing interest and finding serious buyers.
  • Determining the correct price for your asset.
  • Advertising and marketing.
  • Efficient negotiations through a mediator.
  • Working with attorneys and other professionals.

In addition, the company has a large and accessible database of customers and collaboration with outside mediators, this increases exposure and the chances of selling the asset at the right price.

Vision and values:

In addition to professional guidance, we at Yakoby Group make an emphasis to provide precise data to you in all fields.

In addition, our customers are granted access to experts in additional fields, for example attorneys, mortgage consultants and tax advisors, enabling our customers to make the most important and biggest transaction of their lives with peace of mind.

The assistance and personal treatment we offer is available to you at all times. We are here to answer any questions and help you deal with any problem you face.

The services of the Yakoby Group offer an added value, having to do with the following criteria:

  • Location our office is located in a central and attractive location in northern Tel Aviv.
  • Reputation our company has a great reputation, based on many years of experience.
  • Credibility our staff maintain the highest level of credibility, integrity and professionalism.
  • Knowledge our vast experience gives us in depth knowledge of the local market.
  • Professionalism our team has many years of experience and is well informed on every aspect of the field.

Contact Information & Opening Hours:

Yakoby Group – Luxury Real Estate and Property Management

Phone +972523811491
Email Yakobygroup@gmail.com
Address Meir Feinstein 18 Tel Aviv (Country C)

Activity Time

Sunday – Thursday

09:00 – 21:00


09:30 – 14:00

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