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Greetings, My Name is Yigal Arbiv. Senior Instructor & Master Trainer for the Israeli Krav Maga Association
The I.K.M.A Gidon System, 5th Degree Black Belt, Wingate Israel Academy for coaches and Instructors, Graduate & Alpha Fitness Gym professional Manager.
Personal Coundisinning Trainer, functional fitness training expert, Founder & owner of the successful fitness entrepreneur.

THE I.K.M.A ISRAEL KRAV & FIT Consulting and building customized training programs for each client, company or organization that needs my services.
I conduct seminars and professional training workshops Around the World.
We bring new Israeli Krav Maga approach to security forces, police & army in Israel and around the world. Also Conducts physical and tactical preparation workshops for special units according to a unique program.
I developed 25 Botcamp.

My approach is unique and is also a change in perception that 100% is not enough but should bring the 500%! Embark on a new path full of adrenaline, peak power and the ability to bring you to the fulfillment of your dreams!

My way is a strong body and the ability to react in situations of violent conflict, I am not only a coach, I build warriors!!! We work with the guidance of discipline and a way of life that will lead to results and improvement in physical ability, in the way of seeing life, improving self-confidence and self-discipline.

My trainees know that only those who invest and do not give up achieve results and what is my way of individual, couple and group training for all types of ages in an atmosphere of no less than family.
I have no shortcuts, only with hard and constant work will you see with me the results you hope to achieve.

Get ready to sweat!

Professional fitness training:

Professional fitness training under the guidance of senior coach Yigal Arbiv personal training and founder of IKMA ISRAEL FIGHTING FITNESS fitness initiative developed by Yigal Arbiv, innovative fitness system Personal Training, couples and groups, a method that combines two worlds; World of combat (Krav Maga Israeli – Gidon method) and the world of fitness and fitness. The management team enables students to acquire professional knowledge longed by a meticulous and optimized content needs of training participants logistical conditions that allow the conduct of activities, so that education will be consistent participants.

  • Training bodies
  • Training institutions
  • Training groups
  • Training for children
  • Coaching for individuals
  • Personal and professional accompaniment
  • Giving self-confidence and the ability to deal with stressful situations
  • Support for apprentices and follow on development

Krav maga and security traning:

Professional training by a certified senior trainer in the field of Krav Maga and security.

  • Training of security forces and bodies
  • Group training
  • Personal training
  • Personal and professional accompaniment
  • Giving self-confidence and the ability to deal with stressful situations
  • Monitoring development and finding effective solutions.

Ikma Israel tactical:

  • Israeli and international training
  • Staff Training Warfare
  • High Security Staff Training
  • Implementation and monitoring educational development during the course
  • Improving performance and responsiveness
  • Emergency
  • Management and Disaster Prevention
  • Identifying weaknesses and strengthening

My clients include combatants

    • S.W.A.T US fighters
    • Polish army police & Army special units
    • Air Marshall US security
    • Hamtraks police
    • Princeton P.D,
    • State Police Troopers
    • Secret Service and many more.


Contact Information & Opening Hours:

Israeli Krav Maga Gidon System

Phone +972546925927
Email yigalarbiv.ikma@gmail.com

Address 59 Tom Lantos Boulevard, Netanya

YIGAL ARBIV I.K.M.A - ISRAEL Israeli Krav Maga Gidon System

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